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Is Kindergarten compulsory in Victoria

The Victorian kindergarten program is a one to two-year preschool program for children before they start primary school. Kindergarten is not compulsory in Victoria but most children attend at least the second year (four-year-old kindergarten). Kindergarten helps to develop a range of skills that will benefit all children as they commence their learning journey.

What is Sessional Kindergarten

Three and Four-year-old session kindergarten is an educational, play based learning program delivered by a degree qualified kindergarten teacher. The Victorian State Government through the Department of Education and Training (DET) partially funds both programs with the outstanding amount made up of term fees paid by the family. The funding goes directly to the kindergarten/MEYM to assist with the costs of running the programs. The funding does not go to the child or the parent.
Sessional kindergarten runs with the school terms so we are closed during the Victorian School Term Breaks.

What will my child experience in a kinder program

Young children learn about the world through play. It gives children the opportunity to use their imagination and practise important skills. It helps their social and emotional development and wellbeing. Children will use play to build upon their language skills and learn about numbers and patterns and they also learn about how to get along with others, share, listen and magage their emotions. Teachers and educators help children become curious, creative and confident about learning. Research shows that play-based learning is a powerful way to support children’s development. All kindergarten programs work with the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework which makes sure that the programs are appropriate for children’s ages, needs and interests. A child who has attended two years of a kindergarten prgram will, on average, have better cognitive and social skills when they start school including better development in language, pre-reading, early number concepts, non-verbal reasoning, independence, concentration and social skills.

When will my child attend Kindergarten

Your child must be 3 years old by 30 April in the year they attend in the 3yo program and will be unable to commence until they have turned 3 years old. To attend 4yo kindergarten your child must turn 4 by 30 April in the year they are to attend in the 4yo program. If your child turns 3 between January and April of the year they are to due to attend kindergarten it may be worthwhile thinking about whether you wish them to attend in the following year instead, as children will receive one year of 3yo and one year of 4yo partially funded kindergarten only.

How do I register my child for kindergarten

Moreland City Council take our initial registrations on our behalf. You will need to contact Moreland City Council Central Enrolments or visit their website for details on how to register your child. Registrations open in March in the year before your child will commence in the program. Moreland Council charge a fee to register. This fee is a Council registration fee and is separate to MEYM kindergarten fees.

What is the difference between MEYM and Moreland City Council

We (MEYM) are a not-for-profit Early Years Management organisation that is responsible for the operational management of six kindergartens in the City of Moreland. The kindergartens we manage are Gowanbrae Children’s Centre, Lake Park Kindergarten, Moomba Park Kindergarten, Newlands Preschool, Oak Park Kindergarten and Turner Street Kindergarten. We (MEYM) will manage the following enrolment process, sending you enrolment and orientation documentation and communications throughout your enrolment.
Moreland City Council take only our initial registrations and advise if a position is available at one of our services.

I have registered my child with Council – what happens next

Moreland City Council will advise if there is a place for your child at your requested MEYM kindergarten. If your enrolment is for the following year, you will receive an offer by email in November from the Enrolment Officer at MEYM where you will pay a $50 non refundable enrolment fee (unless you hold a concession card) and you will choose which kindergarten program you prefer (where applicable). In 2023 the enrolment fee will not be charged. Following, the Enrolment Officer at MEYM will email you an enrolment form. For more details contact

Does my child need to be immunised

Yes, you will need to provide an up to date Immunisation History Statement from the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) upon enrolment. This is the ONLY form of documentation acceptable. For further information please click here
If you dont immunise, in addition to the possibility of your child falling sick at kinder, you may be putting children and staff at risk of getting sick. To enrol in kindergarten your child needs to be up to date with immunisations; or be on a suitable catch-up schedule; or have an approved medical exemption. Conscientious objection to vaccination is not a valid reason for exemption. For more information on vaccinations please visit No Jab No Play legislation and Immunisation Requirements.
If you have a Medicare card you can access your child’s Immunisation History Statement through your Medicare online account through mygov. If you dont have a Medicare card please all the Australian Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809 or visit a Medicare Service Centre.

Medical Action Plans

If your child has been diagnosed with Asthma or Anaphylaxis or has allergies you will be required to provide an approved individual medical action plan for your child signed by the medical practitioner who is treating your child. The medical action plan will be on display at the service so that all staff are aware and a copy will be stored on your child’s enrolment record.

Medical Action Plans must:
Be completed by your doctor, stamped and signed with a review date that is 12 months after the date the plan was developed.
Must be in colour and include a recent colour photo of your child
Must have family emergency contact details fully completed including name and phone number
Must specify the name of medication and dosage required and medication must be in date

A risk minimisation plan will be completed in consultation with your Teacher.
Children cannot attend the service without the completed action plan and medication detailed on the plan. It is your responsibility to ensure the medication supplied is in date. Action plans that do not meet the requirements will need to be re-completed by your doctor. Kindergarten staff are unable to amend action plans.

More information is available at

Do I need to register my currently enrolled 3yo child into the 4yo program

If your child is currently enrolled in a 3yo MEYM Kindergarten program your place will automatically roll over into the 4yo program at the same kindergarten and you will not have to re-register with Moreland City Council UNLESS you wish to attend a different kindergarten for 4yo. Note that, if your child is currently enrolled in an MEYM 3yo kindergarten program and you cancel your current enrolment you will have to re-apply to Council for the 4yo kindergarten program.

My child is enrolled – how do I change or cancel my kindergarten program

To change your kindergarten program once enrolled please contact the Enrolment Officer at MEYM at

To cancel your kindergarten program you must put this in writing giving 14 days notice to noting that if you are currently enrolled in a 3yo kindergarten program and cancelling, you will need to re-apply with Moreland Council for a 4yo kindergarten position.

Can my child have a second year of 3 or 4yo kindergarten

It is important to consider when your child will commence kindergarten. Victorian State Government Policy states that children are only eligible for ONE year of 3yo kindergarten and ONE year of 4yo kindergarten. If your child is born between January and April you may choose for your child to attend in the following year. Children cannot commence in the kindergarten program until they have turned 3 years old.
A second year of funded 4yo kindergarten MAY be considered and children will only be eligible to receive a second year if they are assessed by a qualified Teacher/Preschool Field Officer as having at least two areas of significant developmental delay that are not age related. If the child is exhibiting behaviour/s that is/are deemed consistent for their ‘young’ age they will not fit the funding criteria. If your child is eligible please contact the MEYM Enrolment Officer at for a Second Year Registration Form which will need to be completed and returned to the Enrolment Officer at MEYM.

Our Teachers and our Programs

MEYM kindergarten programs are led by fully qualified, professional and experienced kindergarten teachers who hold a bachelor degree. They are supported by fully qualified, professional and experienced educators who hold a Diploma or Certificate III qualification. Our educational staff have enjoyed working in our community for many years and have built a strong community network. They work together with families and have access to resources and services and specialist staff in order to support children in fostering successful learning and development creating a smooth transition into school. Teachers incorporate cultural relevance into their programs and many of our centres have a Nature Play/Bush Kindergarten program.
Our kindergarten programs are play-based programs allowing your child to explore, experiment, discover and solve problems in imaginative and playful ways. The teacher encourages children’s learning and inquiry through interactions that aim to stretch their thinking to higher levels.

Who do I contact at MEYM

For all Enrolment/program/orientation/cancellation/kinder tour enquiries contact the MEYM Enrolment Officer at
For all queries on Fees contact the MEYM Finance Officer at

Can I book a Tour of the Kindergarten

Please visit our Book a Tour via our website and nominate a date you wish to attend and a teacher will be in touch with you to confirm your booking or arrange an alternative time.
Upon attending a tour you are agreeing that you will only attend if you are in good health, will wear a face mask that covers the nose and mouth, will provide proof of double vaccination upon arrival and sign in and out of the services Visitors Book. Please remember to stay with the tour host at all times. Only families who have registered for a tour through MEYM website may attend the tour on your given date. Please respect that teachers and children are busy at work and play and as such the length of tour time will be kept to a brief minimum so please plan to be on time. It may help to have a list of questions ready to ask the teacher.
Upon booking a tour we may use the information you provide, including your name, phone number and email address to contact you with booking information or in the event of cancellation. Tour bookings can be cancelled by emailing

What will it cost

The Victorian State Government through the Department of Education and Training (DET) partially funds both programs with the outstanding amount made up of term fees paid by the family. The funding goes directly to the kindergarten/MEYM to assist with the costs of running the programs. The funding does not go to the child or the parent.

Children attending an MEYM kindergarten are not eligible for the Child Care Benefit or Child Care Rebate.

Fees are invoiced on a termly basis and they are emailed to all families 4 weeks in advance and fees are due to be paid 2 weeks prior to the start of the given term. Payment of fees are mandatory and are required to be paid on time. Late payments or insufficient funds may incur a $50 charge.
Please visit our Fees Information for details on charges/concessions.

In 2023, free kindergarten programs will be available for 3 & 4yo children at a Moreland Early Years Management service and therefore program fees will not be charged to families.

For all queries on Fees contact the MEYM Finance Officer at

How do I pay the term fees?

Term fees are paid either by direct debit or by invoice. Families select the payment option when they complete the enrolment form. We do not accept payment over the phone, cash or cheque and MEYM cannot process your payment for you. If you have chosen to pay by direct debit, fees will be automatically charged on the due date. Please ensure there are sufficient funds at the time of charging or you will be charged for any rejected fees. If you have chosen to pay by invoice, you will be required to click on the link within the emailed invoice and proceed to make payment by the due date.

In 2023, free kindergarten programs will be available for 3 & 4yo children at a Moreland Early Years Management service and therefore program fees will not be charged to families.

Can I receive a refund of fees?

Please visit our Fees Information and Fees Policy for details on fee refunds and terms and conditions.
Cancellations must be made in writing giving 14 days notice to

There will be no refund of fees due to the following: cancellation of a child’s position or a deferral of a child’s position at the direction of the parent, a child’s short-term illness; public holidays; family holiday during operational times; closure of the kindergarten for one or more days when a qualified staff member
is absent and a qualified reliever is not available; closure of the kindergarten for staff training days; or closure of the early years service in extreme and unavoidable circumstances. For further information please visit our Fees Policy.
MEYM may consider a partial refund under exceptional circumstances and the refund will be assessed on a case by case basis and an administration fee may be applied. For 2023 program fees will not apply.

Information for Concession Card holders

For information on eligible concession cards please visit our Fees Information. Please note that although we will email you a reminder when your concession card is due to expire, it is your responsibility to ensure that you provide us with an updated concession card. Failure to do so will result in kindergarten fees being charged from the date following expiry.