St Linus Kindergarten

We are a community based sessional kindergarten managed by Merri-bek Early Years Management. We provide the local community with a high quality early childhood educational program for children aged three-five years and offer children outstanding facilities. Children who attend St Linus Kindergarten are engaged in a play-based curriculum based upon children’s emergent interests. Both indoor and outdoor activities and experiences are carefully planned to enable each child to progress in their next step in learning.


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Parent Involvement

Volunteering at the kinder is a great way of being involved with your child’s kindergarten experience.  We welcome and encourage parents and carers to attend kinder and participate within our program. Some ways of getting involved are sharing a story in your home language, board game day, share time with your child in a different environment, assist educators with specific tasks and to join the Parent Fundraising Group.


St Linus Kindergarten promotes an appreciation of nature and the natural environment and the connection between people, plants, animals and the land.  We engage in sustainable practices

Our staff

We have a team of committed, experienced and kind staff who always put the needs of the children first. The aim of our staff is to maximise the benefit of the kindergarten experience for each child by creating a relationship based on trust and respect. Each group has a minimum of two teaching staff –  a qualified teacher with a teaching degree specialising in early childhood and a co- educator with a diploma or certificate in children’s services. Our highly experienced staff recognise stages of child development and create and facilitate a learning environment that is responsive to the children’s interests, learning and needs. If you are interested in viewing St Linus Kindergarten please complete our form below to book your place for a scheduled tour.

National Quality Rating

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St Linus Kindergarten

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