bush kinder

Gowanbrae Children’s Centre

Gowanbrae Children’s Centre provides a quality early childhood program that is accessible to all young children. Teachers and Educators aim to provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment where children are free to play, explore and learn at their own pace. The program is based on the belief that children learn best through becoming actively involved in their own play, as it is through play that young children make sense of the world around them. The team also endeavour to work in partnership with the family so that the individual child can flourish.
Bush Kinder is an integral part of our programs for the 4-year-olds. The children are taken off site to a designated area for three hours of uninterrupted outdoor play. This is where the children as natural learners have the opportunity to play in a bush setting using only what nature has provided for them. This is run from 2nd term. Further information is provided to families prior to this part of the program commencing.
Gowanbrae offers an indoor/outdoor program, where children are free to engage in experiences of their choice either inside or outside. Staff supports play and children are proactive in their choice of experiences, empowering their decision-making.

Oak Park Kindergarten

Oak Park Kindergarten utilises the enclosed Council owned land beside and behind the Kindergarten as their Bush Kinder. This is a perfect setting with a mix of flat clear land, where we can kick a footy or soccer ball around, have picnics or just sit and talk. There is also a cluster of trees where we can climb, explore, swing, hide and go on “Bear hunts”.
Bush Kinder provides opportunities to improve children’s physical, cognitive and social/emotional development through play.  They enhance their motor skills through running, climbing, rolling, jumping, kicking, picking up small items and playing in the dirt. Discussions and interactions with their friends and teachers on what they have discovered assists language, vocabulary and listening skills. All of these allow children to be an active participant in their education.
The 4-year-old children visit weekly, weather depending, and our 3-year-olds start visiting from Term 4.
The most important part of Bush Kinder is we have lots of fun when we visit while playing and exploring in the natural environment!