Privacy Policy

our obligations

Merri-bek Early Years Management (MEYM) has obligations under the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, and the Victorian Information Privacy Act 2002 and Health Records Act 2001. We take these obligations very seriously. This policy sets out how we handle personal information regarding the children and their families using our service.

collecting personal information

Merri-bek Early Years Management (MEYM) collects personal information about children and parents or guardians before and during the course of a child’s enrolment at one of our six kindergartens. This information can include parents’ and children’s names, dates of birth, current and previous addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, bank account details, credit card details, occupation and Child Care Benefit details. We also collect a medical history for each child, with the consent of parents, guardians or authorised representatives, or as required or authorised by law.

The primary purpose of collecting this information is to enable the organisation to provide informed, quality kindergarten programs. We also require some of this information for the purpose of running the organisation (eg.billing and to comply with Department of Education requirements).

We collect this information directly from parents, via forms, or verbally in person or by phone. Some information is collected from third parties, such as government agencies. In any case, we take reasonable steps to ensure that parents are informed about how all personal and health information is collected and used, and that the information is complete and up-to-date.

use and disclosure of personal information

The organisation is occasionally obliged to disclose personal or health information to others for the health and safety of staff and children. This includes disclosing information to government departments, medical practitioners and other service providers who assist us with providing organisation services. We only do this with the consent of parents, or as required or authorised by law.

The organisation from time to time engages in fundraising activities. Information received from you may be used for these purposes. We will not disclose your personal information to third parties for their own marketing purposes, without your consent.

storage of personal information

We take all reasonable steps to protect the security of personal and health information that we hold from misuse, loss, unauthorised access or disclosure. This includes using locked filing cabinets and taking appropriate measures to protect information that is stored electronically. Our staff are trained how to properly handle personal information and we restrict access to what is necessary for job functions.

access and correction

Parents may seek access to personal information collected about them and their child/children by contacting the organisation or the service coordinator in writing or by telephone. However, there will be occasions when access is denied. Such occasions would include where access would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others. Parents have the right to request that personal information be corrected.

what happens if personal information is not collected?

No-one is obliged to provide the organisation with personal information. However, without certain information, especially that which we are obliged to collect by law, the organisation may not be able to provide its services, and may be obliged to decline to enrol a child about whom information is not provided.


Any complaints about the collection, storage, use, disclosure or accessibility of personal information held by the organisation should be forwarded to the General Manager.