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u003ch6u003eMerri-bek Early Years Management Incorporated (MEYM) was established in 2018 in response to a desire in the community for a locally based, responsive and collaborative early years manager. The creation of MEYM was a partnership between Merri-bek City Council, the Department of Education and individual community-based kindergartens.u003c/h6u003ernu003ch6u003eMEYM is a not-for-profit Early Years Management organisation that is responsible for the operational management of six kindergartens in the City of Merri-bek. Our services provide three-year-old and four-year-old kindergarten programs to the local community. MEYM is governed by a Board of Management made up of highly skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds. Many of our early years staff have worked in Merri-bek for most of their careers and have a strong and enduring connection with families, services and schools in the area.u003c/h6u003ernu003ch6u003eMEYM is committed to providing exemplary early years programs that are delivered by skilled early years professionals to children and families in the Merri-bek municipality.u003c/h6u003ernu003ch6u003eThe day-to-day operations of MEYM are managed by the General Managers who currently job-share the position. The General Managers are supported by a dedicated and professional administration and office team. The main office is located at the Gowanbrae Children’s Centre.u003c/h6u003e